Difficult Words :

Tenable and Temperate

Difficult Words : Tenable and Temperate

Temperate (TEM pur it) adj: mild, moderate, restrained

Our climate is temperate during the spring and fall but very nearly unbearable during the summer and winter.

The teacher's temperate personality lent a feeling of calm and control to the kindergarten class.

The opposite of temperate is intemperate which means not moderate.

Becky’s intemperate use of oregano ruined the chili.

To temper something is to make it milder.

Wilma laughed and shrieked so loudly at every joke that even the comedian wished she would temper her appreciation.

Tenable (TEN uh bul) adj: defensible, as in one's position in an argument, capable of being argued successfully, valid

Members of the Flat Earth Society continue to argue that the earth is flat, although even children dismiss their arguments as not tenable.

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