The Early Bird Catches The Worm.

The Early Bird Catches The Worm. :

Birds often feed on worms. They go out of their nests in search of worms early in the morning. But the earliest bird usually gets most of the worms. A bird that goes out late would not get even a single worm as the other birds might have finished them off. Similarly, a person who is always late in doing his duties may not get the full benefit of them. It is always better to do duties in the right and proper time. Postponing them to another day or some other time may rob us of our benefits. In all matters, latecomers are often dejected. Those who go first will be served first. Getting up early in the morning and starting our work is the best way to keep ahead of others. We should remember that there are others who start everything early and they quite naturally get the earliest benefits also.

The Early Bird Catches The Worm.

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