The Fourteenth Man

The Fourteenth Man :

Mohan was an educated but unemployed young man. So one day, he decided that he would wait at the palace gates for the Prime Minister. Then he would talk to him about a job. So the next day, Mohan positioned himself at the palace gates to wait for the Prime Minister.

To pass his time, Mohan started counting the people who went in through the gates. Throughout the day, he counted fourteen strangers going in. By evening, thirteen of them had come out.

When the Prime Minister came out of the palace gates, Mohan asked for a job but unfortunately the Prime Minister said no to him.

Then Mohan mentioned that only thirteen out of the fourteen strangers had come out of the palace. At once the Prime Minister ordered for a search and soon a man was found, hiding in the king's bed chamber. He was an enemy spy who had come to kill the king.

The Prime Minister got impressed by Mohan's alertness and made him the king's bodyguard.

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