The Incomplete Coffin : A Mulla Nasruddin Story

The Incomplete Coffin

Let us enjoy reading this Mulla Nasruddin Hodja's Story of The Incomplete Coffin .

A rich man showed Nasruddin Hodja the coffin he had got made for himself.

He wanted Hodja to admire the quality of the wood.

"What do you think of the carvings on the sides?" he asked Hodja. "Don't you think they are superb?"

Hodja nodded his head appreciatively.

"I insisted that the inside be lined with felt - the best felt material of course!" the man boasted.

"Of course," agreed Hodja.

"I wanted it to be perfect," the man went on. "Do you think anything is missing?"

"Yes," replied Hodja, "the occupant."

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