The Intelligent Wife

The Intelligent Wife :

Ramesh was a gambler. His wife Seema was also fed up of her husband's gambling habit.

One day Ramesh lost a lot of money in gamble to Ramu. So Ramu demanded for the money. But Ramesh had no money to give him. Then Ramu said, "I'll come to your house. Whichever thing I will touch first, will become mine."

Ramesh did not know what to do. He went home and told Seema about it. She said, "I will help you only if you promise to stop gambling forever." Ramesh agreed to it.

Seema took all valuable articles of the house and kept it in the attic. Next day Ramu came to their house. He saw all the valuable things kept together in the attic. He started to climb the ladder. As he touched the ladder to climb up, Seema said, "Stop! As per your words, the ladder is yours forever, because you touched it first. Now you may take the ladder."

Ramu went away sadly and Seema saved her valuables and her husband from gambling.

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