The New King

The New King :

One day, all the animals of the forest gathered together. That day was the Election Day. The birds and animals of the forest were going to vote and elect a new king. After voting in the morning, the counting was completed in the evening.

The fox was declared to be the new king. His competitor the jackal had lost the election.

After losing the election, the jackal wanted to teach the fox a lesson. So he started thinking. Then he saw a trap set by some hunters. They had left some meat to attract some animal to the trap.

The jackal went and told the fox that some meat was lying unattended. He could go and eat it. The fox rushed to the spot. He picked the meat and got caught in the trap.

The jackal called all the animals and showed them the fox and said, "If a king cannot control his desires and believes others without thinking, he can never be a good leader."

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