The Only Wish

The Only Wish :

Once, a very scholarly Brahmin lived in a city. He had a beautiful house, a loving wife, a lot of wealth and servants. But still he was always sad. The reason was that he had no child. He conducted many prayers to appease the God to bless him with a son. But his wish was not fulfilled.

Once the Brahmin left the city and went into the forest. He meditated for many months. At last, God appeared and said, "Oh! Devotee, what do you want?"

"Oh! God, all I want is a son," the Brahmin said.

But God said, "I cannot grant you a son. You have meditated for long. You can ask for anything else?"

"No, I only want a son," Brahmin insisted stubbornly.

God said, "I grant you a son but remember anything begotten by force or stubbornness always brings pain and sorrow."

Soon the Brahmin had a son. But the boy grew into a disobedient, cheating, gambling and lying young man. And the Brahmin remembered that God's words had come true.

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