A Moral Story : The Red Hen and Her Friends

Let us enjoy reading this story of The Red Hen and Her Friends.

Once, there lived a hen with her five chicks. The hen was as red as beetroot. She had three friends : a duck, a cat and a dog. They all lived happily.

One day, the red hen stumbled on to a wheat seed. “Hey, who among you wish to plant this seed?" she asked.

“Not me, friend" refused the duck.

“Nor can I." declined the cat.

“Count me not." the dog turned his back.

“All right. I will do it then by myself," said the hen. She planted the see and watered it. Alas! It grew quickly to yield the brownish wheat. “Hi! There, who among you wish to harvest the wheat?" asked the red hen.

“Not me, friend," the duck sounded bored.

“Nor can I." shrugged the cat.

“Count me not!" avoided the dog.

“If so, I will do it by myself," the red hen spoke up as she laboured all day along. By evening she had two gunny bags full of wheat.

“Hello pal! Who among you will lend me a hand to grind this wheat? She queried. All the three refused as usual.

"I will see that I grind this by myself. I will make flour, knead dough and bake bread!" she announced. The next day she baked delicious bread.

“Howdy, who among you wish to eat this bread?" she asked merrily.

“I want to!" answered the duck, smacking her lips.

“Me too!" said the cat with his mouth watering.

“Yummy, smells good," spoke up the dog, shuffling his feet eagerly.

“None of you can have a bite! I slaved in the field and at home. Only my children and I are entitled to eat this bread!" So saying the red hen fed her chicks and ate a sumptuous meal that day.

MORAL : There are no gains without pains.

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