Thorns and Petals

Thorns and Petals :

A small boy was playing in the garden. He saw that the berry plant in the garden was bearing fruits. He kept playing but was soon attracted towards the berries. The bush had many thorns too.

Each time the boy picked a berry, the thorn would prick his tiny, soft fingers. Then a large thorn pierced his thumb. The boy started crying and rushed to his mother in the kitchen.

After hearing him out, his mother said, "Son, to achieve something in life, there are other things that you may have to lose. Even after feeling the prick of the thorns you could get to the juicy berries. You were concentrating too much on getting the berries. If you had observed the thorns before, then you could have held the thorns away with one hand and used the other hand to pick the berries. Then the thorns would not have pricked you."

After hearing this example, the little boy learnt that one has to face many hurdles to achieve even the smallest success or goal.

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