English : Vide

How is the word Vide used?

Can I say The material was dispatched vide our invoice number…?

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Vide is a Latin word meaning look at or refer to. Formal letters referring to an earlier correspondence always make use of this word. The word consists of two syllables and not one. The i sounds like the y in my, shy and by. The following e is like the i in pit, bit and sit. Some people, however, pronounce the i like the ee in see, bee and ghee and the e that follows like the ay in day, bay and say. The stress in both cases is on the first syllable.

Let's look at the example that you have given. Your sentence implies that you sent the material through the invoice. It is not possible to do that. You could however say:

• We have dispatched the materials as per our agreement (vide letter dated....).

It is interesting to note that not all dictionaries include this word.

Did you know that vide and video are related?

COURTESY : The Hindu (The National News-Paper) - India

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