What is the difference between Affect and Effect? 

What is the difference between Affect and Effect? :

Affect :

1 ) Have an influence on somebody / something - produce an effect on

Their opinion will not affect my decision.

The change in the climate will affect your health.

The tax increases have affected us all.

Alcohol affects the driver’s concentration.

2 ) Infect – attack something / someone

Cancer affects her lungs.

3 ) Cause someone to have feelings of sadness or sympathy – touch

We are deeply affected by the news of her sad and sudden demise.

Affect :

1 ) Make an obvious show of using, wearing or liking something

He affects a pretentious use of the English language.

2 ) Pretend to have or feel something

He affected a foreign accent.

3 ) Pose as – pretend to be something

She affects a helpless female.

Effect : (verb)

1 ) Bring something about – cause to occur – accomplish

They effected their escape in the middle of the night.

The government has effected many economic reforms.

Effect : (noun)

1 ) Change produced by an action or cause – result – outcome

What are the effects of heat on metal?

Did the medicine have any effect?

My advice has no effect on him.

2 ) Impression produced on the mind of the listener, spectator, reader

The general effect of the painting was over-whelming.

The stage lighting gives the effect of a moonlight scene.

She dresses like that only for the effect it creates.

3 ) Personal property – possessions ( When EFFECT is used in this sense, only the plural form EFFECTS should be used.)

Where are your household effects?

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