What is the difference between Answer and Reply?

What is the difference between Answer and Reply? :

Answer :

Say – write something or do in response

Think carefully before you answer.

Did you answer to his question?

Satisfy, be suitable for something

Your qualifications and experience do not answer to our needs.

Correspond to a match the description of something / somebody

The photograph answers to the description of the wanted man.

Be responsible or blames of something

You will have to answer for your crimes one day.

Speak on behalf of somebody or in support of something

I agree but I can not answer for him.

As I know her well, I can certainly answer for her honesty.

Be responsible to somebody

Whom do you answer to in your new job?

You will answer to me for any damage to the car.

Reply :

Respond to a letter

She did not respond to my letter.

You have to respond to this letter within 3 days.

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