What is the difference between Excite and Incite?

What is the difference between Excite and Incite? :

Excite :

1 ) Cause strong feeling of eagerness, happiness, nervousness, etc… Everybody was excited by the news of the victory. It is nothing to get excited about.

2 ) Cause or bring about something by arousing strong feelings in someone Criminals excited a riot in the town. Agitators were excited the people to rebel against the government.

3 ) Arouse emotions in someone The recent discovering has excited great interest among doctors.

4 ) Arouse sexual desires Some people are sexually excited by pornographic magazines.

Incite :

1 ) Urge or persuade someone to do something by making him very angry or excited

The union leaders incited the workers to violence.

The colonel was accused of inciting other officers to mutiny.

2 ) Create or cause something

They incited a breach of peace.

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