What is the difference between Past and Paste and Pest?

What is the difference between Past and Paste and Pest? :

Past : (adjective)

1 ) Gone by in time

The time for discussion is past.

2 ) Gone by recently

Just finished or ended

I have seen little of her in the last few weeks.

The past month has been a difficult one for him.

Past : (noun)

1 ) Time that has gone by

I have been there many times in the past.

2 ) Things that happened in an earlier time

Past events

Do not regret the past.

We can not change the past.

3 ) Person’s past life or career especially one that is discreditable

We know nothing of his past.

She is a woman with his past.

Past : (Preposition)

1 ) After

Later than something

It is half past two.

It is ten past eleven.

It was past midnight when I got home.

2 ) Older than

He is an old man past seventy.

She is past her twenties.

3 ) On the far side of something

From one side to the other of something

I walked past the school.

You can see the temple past the station.

He hurried past me without stopping.

4 ) Beyond the limits of something / done something

It is quite past my comprehension.

He is past working.

I am past caring what she does.

5 ) Beyond the age of something / done something

I am past playing with dolls.

He is long past retirement age.

Paste : (noun)

1 ) Moist soft mixture

She mixed the flour and water to a paste.

Paste : (verb)

1 ) Put paste on something

They pasted posters onto the wall.

Pest : (noun)

1 ) Annoying person or thing

That child is an absolute pest.

2 ) Insect or animal that destroys plants, food, etc…

Those are garden pests.

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