What is the difference between
Scene and Scenery?

What is the difference between Scene and Scenery? :

Scene : (noun)

1 ) Place of an actual or imagined event

He visited the scene of the accident.

The scene of my novel is set in Kashmir.

2 ) Situation or incident in real life

Did you see the horrific scenes after the earthquake?

3 ) Outburst of emotion or anger

There was quite a scene when she refused to pay.

Do not make a scene.

4 ) Sequence of continuous action in a play, film, etc…

The scene in the hospital was very moving.

5 ) Place represented on the stage of a theatre

The first scene of the play is the Rashtrapathy Bhawan.

The scenes were changed during the interval.

6 ) View as seen by a spectator

The boats in the Dal Lake – Sri Nager, make a beautiful scene.

Scenery : (noun)

1 ) General natural features of an area

We stopped to admire the mountain scenery.

2 ) Furniture, woodwork, canvas, etc…used on a theatre stage to represent the place of action

Who designed the scenery?

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