What is the difference between Secret and Secrete?

What is the difference between Secret and Secrete? :

Secret : (adjective)

1 ) Not known by other

Kept or intended to be kept from the knowledge or view of others

He escaped through a secret door.

That party was given secret financial support by some foreign backers.

Not openly declared or admitted

He is a secret fan of soap operas on TV.

2 ) Secluded or quiet

I have a secret cottage in the rural area.

Secret : (noun)

1 ) Fact, decision, etc…that is or must be kept secret

Can you keep a secret?

I shall tell you a secret.

She has made no secret of the fact that she wants a job.

He made no secret of his dislike for me.

2 ) Method of doing or achieving something that not many people know

What is the secret of your tremendous success?

3 ) Anything not properly understood or difficult to understand


Do you know the secrets of nature?

Secrete : (verb)

1 ) (Of an organ) produce either as waste material or for use within the body

The kidneys secrete urine.

Saliva is secreted by glands in the mouth.

2 ) Put or keep something in a secret place


He secreted money in a drawer.

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