What is the difference between Sever and Severe?

What is the difference between Sever and Severe? :

Sever : (noun)

( 1 ) Divide or break or separate something by cutting

Sever the rope, if you can not unite the knot.

His hand was severed from his arm.

( 2 ) End

Break off

He has severed his connection with the firm.

Do not sever relations with her.

( 3 ) Break

The rope severed under the strain.

Severe : (adjective)

( 1 ) Strict or harsh in attitude or treatment, imposing stern discipline

The dacoit was awarded severe punishment by the judge.

You should be severe with your children.

The magistrate was very severe on the thief.

( 2 ) Very bad, intense, difficult, etc…

He had a severe attack of toothache.

( 3 ) Demanding great skills, ability, patience, etc…

That was a severe test of the climbers’ stamina.

There was a severe competition for admission to colleges.

( 4 ) Of style, appearance, clothing, etc…

His plain black dress was too severe for such a cheerful occasion.

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