What is the difference between Sign and Sine?

What is the difference between Sign and Sine? :

Sign : (noun)

1 ) Mark, symbol, etc…used to represent something

These are mathematical signs.

2 ) Board, notice, etc…that directs someone towards something, gives warning, advertises a business, etc…

Look at the traffic signs.

Look out for a sign to the motorway.

3 ) Gesture or movement made with the hand, head, etc…to give information, a command, etc…

She gave us a sign to leave the room.

4 ) Thing that shows that something / someone is present or exists or that something may happen

There were signs of suffering on his face.

There are some signs of improvement in his work.

He shows no sign of being interested.

Sign : (verb)

1 ) Write one’s name on a document, etc…

He signed the document.

Sign your name here.

2 ) Convey information or request or an order by making a gesture

The policeman signed them to stop.

She signed me to be quiet.

Sine : (noun)

1 ) (Mathematics) (In a right-angled triangle) the ratio of the length of the side opposite one of the acute angles to the length of the hypotenuse

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