What is the difference between Staff and Stuff?

What is the difference between Staff and Stuff? :

Staff : (noun)

1 ) Strong stick or pole used as a support when walking or as a symbol of authority or a sign of office

The old man leant on a long wooden staff.

2 ) Group of assistants working together in an office, a business, etc…responsible to a manager or a person in authority

We need more staff in the office.

I have a staff of forty.

Staff : (verb)

1 ) Provide someone with staff

Act as a staff for

This is a well-staffed hotel.

There is nobody to staff the office today.

The school is staffed entirely by post-graduates.

Stuff : (noun)

1 ) Material of which something is made

We must find out what stuff he is made of.

Real life is the stuff of all good novels.

What stuff is this jacket made of?

2 ) Unnamed things, belongings, activities, subject, matter, etc…

Leave your stuff in the hall.

That novel is really boring stuff.

Stuff : (verb)

1 ) Fill something tightly with something

Cram something with something

He stuffed a pillow with feathers.

Stuff up the hole with the newspapers. My nose is stuffed up.

2 ) Put something quickly and carelessly

She stuffed the coins into her pocket.

He stuffed the letter through the door and hurried away.

3 ) Fill someone / oneself with food

Eat greedily

I am stuffed.

He ate stuffing himself with biscuits.

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