What is the difference between Straight and Strait?

What is the difference between Straight and Strait? :

Straight : (adjective)

( 1 ) Without a bend or curve

Extending or moving continuously in one direction only

Draw a straight line.

( 2 ) Tidy, correct, arrange in proper order

It took hours to get the house straight.

( 3 ) Properly positioned

Level or upright

Parallel to something else

Put the picture straight.

( 4 ) Honest, truthful

Give a straight answer to the straight question.

I do not think you are being straight with me.

Let us have some straight talking.

( 5 ) Accurate and without additions

Not modified or elaborate

Tell me a straight story.

Straight : (noun)

( 1 ) Conventional person

( 2 ) Heterosexual person

Every human being is a straight.

( 3 ) Straight : (adverb)

Honestly and frankly

In a straightforward manner

I told him straight that I did not like him.

( 4 ) By a direct route

Without delay or hesitation

Come straight home.

He went straight to Chennai without stopping in Hyderabad.

( 5 ) Directly

In a straight line

Sit up straight.

Look straight ahead.

He was too weak to walk straight.

Strait : (NOUN)

( 1 ) Narrows passage or water connecting two seas or two large areas of water

Where is the Straits of Gibraltar?

( 2 ) STRAIT is also used as the plural form of singular meaning.


( 1 ) Trouble


He is in a financial strait.

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