What is the difference between Upset and Offset?

What is the difference between Upset and Offset? :

Upset : (verb)

1 ) Cause something to become overturned or split

A large wave upset the boat.

Your presence will upset your brother.

2 ) Disrupt

Fog upset the train timetable.

How were the arrangements for the weekend upset?

3 ) Cause someone to feel distressed

He was upset at not being invited to the dinner.

The sight of physical sufferings of the poor always upset me.

4 ) Cause someone to feel ill by disturbing his digestion

Garlic often upsets her stomach

Upset : (noun)

1 ) Upsetting or being upset

Last minute changes caused a great deal of upset.

He had a major emotional upset.

2 ) Stomach disorder

He is in the bed with a tummy upset.

Offset : (verb)

1 ) Balance something

Compensate for something

He put up his prices to offset the increased cost of materials.

Offset : (noun)

1 ) Method of printing in which ink is transferred from a metal plate to a rubber surface and then into paper

Offset printing is the order of the say.

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