What is the difference between Vary and Very?

What is the difference between Vary and Very? :

Vary : (verb)

( 1 ) Be different in size, volume and strength

Opinions vary on this point.

The results of the experiment varied wildly.

( 2 ) Change

Our routine never varies.

Prices vary with the seasons.

He works with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

( 3 ) Make something different by introducing changes

Do you vary the speed at which you work?

Very : (adverb)

( 1 ) In a high degree

I am very busy.

( 2 ) In the fullest sense

He was the very first to arrive.

You should call on her at six o’clock at the very latest.

( 3 ) Exactly

He was sitting on the very same seat.

Very : (adjective)

( 1 ) Actual, truly such, itself, himself, no other

This is the very book I want.

AT that very moment, the phone rang.

You are the very lady I want to see.

( 2 ) Extreme

What did he say at the very beginning?

( 3 ) Used to emphasize a noun

The very idea of going abroad for studies delighted me.

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