Wisdom of Yashvardhan

Wisdom of Yashvardhan :

Once, a very famous and intelligent scholar Yashvardhan lived in a village. One day, a royal messenger came to the village. He went to Yashvardhan and said, "I am a royal messenger. The king has called you. Please come with me."

Yashvardhan obeyed the royal orders and accompanied the messenger to the palace. There, the king welcomed him. Then, they had lunch together. After some entertainments, the king said, "Yashvardhan, please accept this bag of gold coins. This is a gift for you. It has a hundred gold coins."

"But, Your Majesty, why are you giving this to me? I cannot accept it."

"Why not? I heard that you are a great scholar so I am giving you this gift." He said, "Your Majesty, you are giving me gift because you heard that I am a scholar. If tomorrow someone says that I am a rogue, will you punish me? Please confirm and check before believing what others say."

The king was impressed by Yashvardhan's wisdom.

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