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Wrap Up, Wrapper, Wrapping and Wreck

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Wrap Up : verb : to cover something all over (in paper)

• He wrapped up the parcel in green paper.
• To gift-wrap a present = to wrap a present in special coloured paper

NOTE : wrapping - wrapped

Wrapper : noun : material which wraps something

• The biscuits are packed in plastic wrappers.

Wrapping : noun : wrapping paper : special coloured paper for wrapping presents

Gift-Wrapping : noun :

(i) service in a store for wrapping presents for customers
(ii) coloured paper for wrapping presents

Wreck : noun :

(a) ship which has sunk or which has been badly damaged and cannot float

• They saved the cargo from the wreck.
• Oil poured out of the wreck of the tanker.

(b) company which has collapsed

• He managed to save some of his investment from the wreck of the company.
• Investors lost thousands of pounds in the wreck of the investment company.

Wreck : verb : to damage badly or to ruin

• They are trying to salvage the wrecked tanker.
• The negotiations were wrecked by the unions.

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