Difficult Words :

Zealous and Wistful

Difficult Words: Zealous and Wistful

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Wistful (WIST ful) adj: yearning, sadly longing

• I felt wistful when I saw Herb's fancy new Car. I wished that I had enough money to buy one for myself.

• The boys who had been cut from the football team watched wistfully as the team put together an undefeated season and won the state championship.

Zealous (ZEL us) adj: enthusiastically devoted to something, fervent

• The zealous young policeman made so many arrests that the city jail soon became overcrowded.

• The dictator's followers were so zealous that if he had asked them all to jump off a cliff, most of them would have done so.

• To be zealous is to be full of zeal or fervent enthusiasm. An overly zealous person is a zealot.

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