A Fault confessed is half redressed.

A Fault confessed is half redressed.

All of us commit mistakes knowingly and unknowingly. When we do it knowingly and hurt others, we must definitely take responsibility for it and face the punishment. When we do that people around us will not consider it as a big crime and will only appreciate our honesty. Thus the intensity of the crime will come down and they will be ready even to pardon us.

Raju was a student of class V and was a very naughty boy. Although he was intelligent he always scored low marks in Mathematics since he did not like the subject at all. Moreover the maths teacher was very strict lady who beat the children severely if they did not get full marks in their class tests. Many a time Raju was a victim of such harsh treatment and he wanted to teach the teacher a lesson.

So one day he decided to play a trick on the lady teacher. He took a rubber scorpion that looked like as good as a live one and placed it in the table, knowing fully well that the teacher would open it to take a piece of chalk. As he had anticipated the teacher opened the drawer and saw the scorpion and screamed in fright and then fainted. All the students rushed forward to lift the teacher. Hearing the commotion, the headmaster came along and arrange for first aid to be given to the teacher.

The headmaster was very angry when he realized that the students had played a prank on the teacher. He demanded to know who had done it. Raju was very scared to own up and so kept quiet. When no student came forward the headmaster decided that all the students should be punished. On hearing this some of the students started crying. Raju felt very bad that his fellow students had to face punishment on account of him and decided to own up to his mistake.

Raju told the headmaster that he had played the prank and apologized profusely asking him to spare the other students from punishment. Raju also told the headmaster that he had done it only because he could not bear the beatings of the maths teacher. Although the headmaster was angry with Raju, he was happy that he had spoken the truth. The headmaster asked Raju to apologize to the maths teacher and let him off with a light punishment warning him not to attempt anything similar again. The maths teacher was also called aside by the headmaster and advised not to punish the children so severely in future.

A Fault confessed is half redressed.


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