Ali Baba and 40 Thieves

Ali Baba and 40 Thieves :

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Jabbering with excitement and stunned at the sight of such untold wealth, he told himself, "I'll take some coins. Nobody will ever know!" And he filled four bags full. The second he reached home, Ali Baba locked the door and emptied the sacks in front of his astounded wife. "Count them," he ordered her triumphantly, before telling her what had happened. But there were far too many coins for these poor people to count. "We can't count them all. Run to my brother's house and ask him for a corn measure. Well use that," said All Baba.

When Kasim's wife heard this strange request, her curiosity was aroused. “I wonder what they want to measure. It can't be corn. They’re far too poor."

And she quickly brushed a touch of tar across the bottom of the measuring pail. And when she got the pail back there was something stuck to it - as the clever woman had known there would be. It was a gold coin. "A gold coin. Where did that come from? They're the poorest of the poor!" And she rushed off to tell her husband. Kasim was most annoyed. 'How dare my brother have gold coins without telling me about it," he snapped. And off he marched to ask Ali Baba for an explanation.

Ali Baba innocently told Kasim his strange story. But he asked him to keep it a secret.

“Of course," Kasim promised.

But he quickly told his wife about it and ordered the servants to saddle ten sturdy mules for next morning.

"I'll be richer than ever. Incredibly rich!" he said to himself as he went to bed.

But he didn't sleep a wink for thinking of the treasure. It was still dark when Kasim and his mule train set out. When he reached the mountain, beyond the forest, he pronounced the magic words and entered the cave. With a beating heart, he crammed as much as he could into the saddle bags. But Kasim's greed led to his downfall for the bags were so stuffed with treasure that they became too heavy to lift. Kasim realized with a sinking feeling that he would have to leave behind some of his precious burden.

But it took him a long time and he was still picking over what to keep and what to abandon when as fate would have it. The robber band returned. When they saw that the entrance to the cave was open, they rushed inside with drawn swords. Unlucky Kasim was quickly discovered and killed. And the robbers were so fierce that they chopped him into four and left the pieces at the entrance. 'That will warn any other snooper of the end that awaits him!" shouted the leader.

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Ali Baba and 40 Thieves :


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