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DIRECTIONS : Pick out the opposite meaning or antonym of the words given below.

71. PHENOMENAL : Dhirubhai Ambani has had a phenomenal (unusually big) success. Such a success is not usually had by ordinary persons (ANSWER : A - ordinary)

(a) ordinary (b) experiential (c) natural (d) spiritual

72. NONCHALANT : A nonchalant person seems not to worry or care about things. He or she seems very calm. Not at all excited. (ANSWER : D - excited)

(a) fearful (b) cowardly (c) patriotic (d) excited

73. ABOMINATE : If you abominate something, you hate it very much. The opposite of hate is love (ANSWER : A - love)

(a) love (b) loathe (c) abhor (d) despise

74. INGENUOUS : An ingenuous person is innocent, trusting, and incapable of deceiving anyone. He or she lays bare their tricks. Will a cunning person ever do that? (ANSWER : A - cunning)

(a) cunning (b) stupid (c) naive (d) young

75. EGREGIOUS : That which is egregious is shocking, extremely bad. If something is extremely good, you call it splendid. (ANSWER : B - splendid)

(a) notorious (b) splendid (c) abortive (d) maturity

76. DISSIPATE : Arjuna Ranatunga does not dissipate his energy by running fast every time he takes a run. That is, he does not waste it in a foolish way. When he sees that the ball is distant enough for him to easily reach the crease for a single, and that no matter how fast he runs he cannot take more than a single, he simply ambles across the pitch. He thus conserves (saves) energy and utilises it when there is need for a quick run. (ANSWER : B - conserve)

(a) waste (b) conserve (c) organise (d) unite

77. STURDY : Let him play with this table; it is sturdy enough to bear his kicks. That which is sturdy looks strong; it is unlikely to be easily injured or damaged. The antonym of strong is weak. (ANSWER : C - weak)

(a) important (b) rich (c) weak (d) vigorous

78. SACROSANCT : You think you will persuade him to live a comfortable life? Impossible! A Spartan way of life is sacrosanct for him. If something is sacrosanct, it is too holy or important to be allowed any harm. The opposite of holy is unholy. (ANSWER : A - irreligious)

(a) irreligious (b) unethical (c) irreverent (d) open

79. CELIBATE : One who is celibate does not marry or have sex, because of one’s religious beliefs. (A), (C) and (D) are close choices. But we reject (A) and (C) because they have other meanings too. Profligate and reprobate give a general sense of wastefulness. Such persons may be given to vices, sex being one of them. Thus (A) and (C) can be focussed as an antonym only in absence of (D). A married man, on the other hand, is categorically not celibate. (ANSWER : D - married)

(a) reprobate (b) prodigal (c) profligate (d) married

80. OBSOLETE : Recent advances in technology have rendered older equipment’s obsolete (no longer in need). (ANSWER : C - recent)

(a) rare (b) useless (c) recent (d) conducive

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