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DIRECTIONS : Pick out the opposite meaning or antonym of the words given below.

81. MAGNANIMOUS : A magnanimous person has a “‘big heart”. Well, not literally. What I mean is that he or she is filled with love for everyone. The pressures of modern live have made magnanimous persons an endangered species. It is getting more and more difficult to think beyond one’ s self in other words, people are getting selfish. (ANSWER : A - small)

(a) small (b) generous (c) naive (d) selfish

82. EVACUATE : The residents of Katynyan House have been evacuated. If you evacuate people, you send them to a place of safety, away from a dangerous building, town, or area. They will be admitted to the House again when it gets repaired. (ANSWER : A - admit)

(a) admit (b) emerge (c) abandon (d) invade

83. SANGUINE : We are sanguine about the outcome of this dispute. That is, we are cheerful and confident that things will turn in our favour. Now, the opposite of cheerful is gloomy (ANSWER : D - gloomy)

(a) bloody (b) thin (c) happy (d) gloomy

84. CORPULENT : If a person is very fat, you euphemistically call him or her corpulent. Emaciated, on the other hand, means extremely thin or weak because of illness or lack of food. (ANSWER : D - emaciated)

(a) sallow (b) co-operative (c) enterprising (d) emaciated

85. OCCIDENTAL : Occidental means “of the West”. That is, it relates to the countries of Europe and America. The Britishers brought with them Occidental culture, which greatly influenced the Oriental values. Oriental means “of the East”, and is associated with eastern Asia, especially China and Japan. (ANSWER : A - oriental)

(a) oriental (b) accidental (c) coincidental (d) confidential

86. FLACCID : If a part of someone’s body is flaccid, it is unpleasantly soft, and not hard or firm. On the other hand, if something is tout, it is stretched very tight. A taut body is very lean with firm muscles (ANSWER : B - taut)

(a) upright (b) taut (c) rough (d) even

87. NEPOTISM : If Mr. Mhatre comes to power, his son-in-law will easily get the licence for a petrol pump. This is what is called nepotism. That is, power is used unfairly in order to get jobs or other benefits for your family or friends. In other words, nepotism promotes partiality towards your near and dear ones. The antonym, therefore, is impartiality (ANSWER : C - impartiality)

(a) midnight (b) partiality (c) impartiality (d) chauvinism

88. ABSTEMIOUS : If you are abstemious, you avoid doing too much of something enjoyable. For example, you eat or drink in moderation. The antonym therefore will describe a person who goes for physical pleasures in excess. Such a person is dissipated. He or she spends a lot of time drinking alcohol and enjoying other physical pleasures, and is probably unhealthy because of this. (ANSWER : C - dissipated)

(a) fastidious (b) punctilious (c) dissipated (d) prodigal

89. CHUIERICAL : A chimera is an imaginary monster. So the opposite of chimerical is real (ANSWER : B - real)

(a) numerical (b) real (c) obvious (d) heavenly

90. VERBOSE : Verbose comes from Latin verbum (= word). A verbal test is thus associated with words. The non-verbal section does not deal with words; its questions are based on figures. Now, verbose means wordy. So if you are verbose, you use too many words, more than what is necessary. On the other hand, laconic reply uses as few words as possible. (ANSWER : A - laconic)

(a) laconic (b) talkative (c) vent (d) suspense

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