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DIRECTIONS : Pick out the opposite meaning or antonym of the words given below.

91. DIMINUTIVE : Diminutive comes from Latin minuo (= lessen). A minute particle is very small. If something diminishes, it becomes smaller. A diminutive object is thus very small. Obviously, the antonym is enlarged. (ANSWER : A - enlarged)

(a) enlarged (b) bright (c) small (d) admonitory

92. IMMUNITY : When one’s immunity to a disease is over, one becomes susceptible to it. That is, one is then very likely to be affected by it. (ANSWER : D - susceptibility)

(a) obligatory (b) impassive (c) impervious (d) susceptibility

93. AMALGAMATE : Chemistry students should be familiar with amalgam. Amalgam is a mixture of mercury and another metal, usually silver, that is used in dentistry to make fillings. In general, an amalgam is a mixture of two or more things. So when two or more organisations amalgamate they become one large organisation. When their relations deteriorate, they separate. (ANSWER : C - separate)

(a) synthesise (b) bubble (c) separate (d) moderate

94. CAPTIOUS : A captious person is too critical, too ready to find fault. He or she cannot tolerate anything that goes even a fraction against them. Such persons are not tolerant at all. (ANSWER : C - tolerant)

(a) capable (b) detailed (c) tolerant (d) classical

95. MANIFOLD : The difficulties are manifold. That is, they are of many different kinds. If so, they simply cannot be simple. (ANSWER : C - simple)

(a) hidden (b) enrolled (c) simple (d) exact

96. WARP : If something warps, it becomes damaged by bending or curving, often because of the effect of heat or water. In order to bring it back to as it was, you have to make it straight. In other words, you have to straighten it. (ANSWER : D - straighten)

(a) plush (b) web (c) alienate (d) straighten

97. JOCOSE : That which is jocose is meant to cause amusement. If it does not do so, it is dull. (ANSWER : A - dull)

(a) dull (b) humorous (c) regulated (d) brief

98. PAMPER : If you pamper someone, you pay too much attention to make him comfortable and happy; you treat him too kindly. On the other hand, if you do not pay attention to someone, you neglect him (ANSWER : A - neglect)

(a) neglect (b) scold (c) scorn (d) discourage

99. NEGLIGENCE : A good book should not show negligence in editing. No part of it should be neglected. It should be read and re-read, with corrections, till it becomes presentable. A good editor is meticulous about every word that goes into the book. That is, he does things very carefully and with great attention to detail. (ANSWER : D - meticulousness)

(a) diligence (b) punctuality (c) integrity (d) meticulousness

100. INSTANTLY : Instantly means “at once, without any delay”. Its antonym therefore will be slowly. If you are tempted to say lately, take care! If you have the meaning “with delay” in mind, note that this meaning is given by the word late. Lately (also of late) means – in the recent past, not long ago. (ANSWER : D - slowly)

(a) repeatedly (b) lately (c) immediately (d) slowly

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