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DIRECTIONS : Pick out the opposite meaning or antonym of the words given below.

101. OBVIOUSLY : If something is obvious, it is clearly seen. If it is obscure, it is hidden. (ANSWER : A - obscurely)

(a) obscurely (b) surely (c) indefinitely (d) certainly

102. EXTRAORDINARY : Some women are extraordinary in their beauty. That is, their beauty surpasses the ordinary level. Not every beautiful woman can attain that degree of beauty. They are just plainly beautiful. (ANSWER : D - plain)

(a) exceptional (b) unusual (c) dull (d) plain

103. SPREAD : Computers are now spreading in every part of the world. Doomsayers believe they are a threat to mankind. So they wish to check its spread. If you check something from spreading, you contain it. (ANSWER : C - contain)

(a) express (b) prohibit (c) contain (d) contradict

104. PROHIBIT : The ‘No Smoking’ sign prohibits you from smoking at that place. That is, it does not allow you to smoke. On the other hand, if someone allows you to smoke, he permits you to do so. (ANSWER : C - permit)

(a) grant (b) agree (c) permit (d) accept

105. RUTHLESS : Human beings often show ruthless behaviour towards animals. Such a behaviour shows a complete lack of pity and sympathy. Organisations such as the Society for Prevention of Cruelly to Animals (SCPA) ask you to be compassionate towards them. That is, they ask you to show pity and sympathy towards them, to show understanding for their suffering. (ANSWER : B - compassionate)

(a) gracious (b) compassionate (c) generous (d) malicious

106. CHAGRIN : Chagrin is a feeling of annoyance or disappointment. If something happens to your chagrin, you are not pleased. (ANSWER : D - pleased)

(a) tempt (b) ascetic (c) swollen (d) pleased

107. BEGET : When a man begets a child, he becomes its father. If you beget something, you cause it to happen or be created. On the other hand, if something is stopped in the process of its creation, it is aborted. We are familiar with abortion — the deliberate ending of a pregnancy. (ANSWER : D - abort)

(a) forget (b) fade (c) harm (d) abort

108. AUSTERE : Mohan leads an austere life. He eats simple food, does not have furniture, and prefers walking to riding a car. He thus saves money and sends it to his son. His citydwelling son lives lavishly on that money. He throws parties every week, wears the best of designer wear, and travels mostly by air. (ANSWER : C - lavish)

(a) painful (b) comfortable (c) lavish (d) plentiful

109. APPROPRIATE : Was it appropriate for a man of your calibre to work at so low a remuneration? I don’t think so. The money that you got did not suit the talent you had. In other words, it was unsuitable. (ANSWER : D - unsuitable)

(a) unqualified (b) unskilled (c) unable (d) unsuitable

110. WILD : That which is wild lacks discipline and control. When it is brought under control, it becomes tamed. (ANSWER : C - tamed)

(a) arrogant (b) humble (c) tamed (d) rude

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