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DIRECTIONS : Pick out the opposite meaning or antonym of the words given below.

21. REJUVENATION : Rejuvenation means rebirth and regeneration or to live again (ANSWER : C - killing)

(a) sexual (b) perfect (c) killing (d) magical

22. ORIGIN : Origin means the starting point and remnant is what is left after finishing or distrubution. (ANSWER : C - remnant)

(a) ointment (b) detergent (c) remnant (d) comfort

23. APATHETIC : Apathetic is one who does not care or is indifferent. (ANSWER : C - concerned)

(a) agitated (b) happy (c) concerned (d) surprised

24. HOMOGENISED : Homogenised means when every part of the group, mixture or collection has been made similar or same, variety means the opposite, i.e difference. (ANSWER : C - different)

(a) set type (b) multi-coloured (c) different (d) rejected

25. PROVE : Prove means to state that a statement or theory is correct after giving valid and logical reasons while assumption is something which is believed without any proofs or evidence. (ANSWER : B - assume)

(a) vapid (b) assume (c) disincline (d) atone

26. ACCOLADE : Accolade is a token of respect and admiration or kind of reward given to appreciate, criticism is to find faults. (ANSWER : D - criticism)

(a) balcony (b) outer garment (c) drink (d) criticism

27. INSTANTLY : Instantly means something that happens in an instant or very quickly, gradually means to happen step by step. slowly has not been considered as the apt choice because instantly suggests in one step and gradually means in several steps so it is a more appropriate antonym (ANSWER : C - gradually)

(a) repeatedly (b) lately (c) gradually (d) awkwardly

28. FRAIL : Frail means something or someone very weak, usually due to illness. (ANSWER : B - strong)

(a) worried (b) strong (c) nervous (d) wily

29. CRUDE : Crude means raw, undeveloped or unsophisticated, graceful can also be an antonym to crude but polished is more exactly opposite to crude (ANSWER : D - polished)

(a) classical (b) graceful (c) natural (d) polished

30. RETRIBUTION : Retribution is punishment, contempt is feeling of disgust and grudge is an ill-feeling (ANSWER : B - forgiveness)

(a) compensation (b) forgiveness (c) contempt (d) grudge

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