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DIRECTIONS : Pick out the opposite meaning or antonym of the words given below.

41. AMELIORATE : If you ameliorate a situation, you make it better or easier in some way. The opposite of better is worse. If you make a situation worse, you worsen it. (ANSWER : D - worsen)

(a) amend (b) gyrate (c) sweeten (d) worsen

42. LACKADAISICAL : The fielding of the Indian cricket team is lackadaisical. That is, the fielders do not show much interest or enthusiasm; they are rather lazy. Jadeja, however, is an exception. He is Energetic. (ANSWER : B - energetic)

(a) abundant (b) energetic (c) theatrical (d) actual

43. CAPRICIOUS : He was fed up with the capricious behaviour of his wife. It began to prove difficult for him to fulfil her caprices. A caprice is an unexpected action or decision. It has no strong reason or purpose. In fact, the husband could not tolerate her. He was a thoughtful man; his actions were based on reason. (ANSWER : A - thoughtful)

(a) thoughtful (b) specious (c) carcinogenic (d) capacious

44. PERFIDIOUS : One who is perfidious is treacherous or untrustworthy. He may be with you today and against you tomorrow. On the other hand, a local person remains Firm in his or her friendship or support. (ANSWER : A - loyal)

(a) loyal (b) treacherous (c) religious (d) humane

45. ENNUI : Ennui is a feeling of tiredness, boredom and dissatisfaction caused by lack of interest and having nothing to do. Only activity (something to do) can be its antidote. [An antidote is a substance that prevents the bad effects of a disease.] (ANSWER : B - activity)

(a) sticky (b) activity (c) start (d) yearly

46. LASCIVIOUS : One who is lascivious shows an unnaturally strong interest in sex. On the other hand, a chaste person does not have sex with anyone or has it only with his or her spouse. (ANSWER : C - chaste)

(a) devout (b) fluid (c) chaste (d) stable

47. CONSCIENTIOUS : Rachna is very conscientious about her actions. That is, she is very careful to do her work properly. Now, the opposite of careful is careless. (ANSWER : C - careless)

(a) cruel (b) licentious (c) careless (d) whip

48. PERIGEE : The perigee is the point where the path of an object through space is closest to the Earth. The apogee is the point where the path is farthest from the Earth. (ANSWER : A - apogee)

(a) apogee (b) hybrid (c) descent (d) night

49. FLUCTUATE : How do you rectify voltage fluctuations ? With the help of a voltage stabiliser. If something fluctuates, it changes a lot in an irregular way. If you stop this, it becomes stable. (ANSWER : B - stabilise)

(a) conceive (b) stabilise (c) energise (d) emancipate

50. RADICAL : Radical comes from Latin radix (= root). If you make a radical change in something, the change goes to its very roots, thus affecting the entire thing. On the other hand, there are changes which do not disturb the entire thing; the changes take place only on the surface. In other words, they are superficial changes. (ANSWER : A - superficial)

(a) superficial (b) slow (c) narrow (d) simple

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