Every Cloud has a Silver Lining.

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining. :

The proverb conveys the message that one has to stay positive at all times and never lose hope at any cost.

A huge black cloud generally blocks the sun fight and makes the atmosphere appear dull and dark. But on closer observation, we will find the sun rays trying to peep through the sides of the cloud, creating a fine silver lining all around the edges of the cloud. Similarly in life, we all go through bad phases. But something good always comes out of even a bad situation. That is the silver lining of a rough patch. Here the dark clouds are compared to bad times that we face in life.

Deepak was a very sad and disappointed young man. Ever since he met with an accident a few months earlier, he was confined to a wheelchair. His knee had been badly damaged and he required a number of surgeries to set it right. The doctors said that he would have to wait for another two months before he could attempt to walk. He was very low in confidence and often lost his temper. He was angry that he was unable to run and play around like the others. He was not interested in even meeting his friends. He wanted to be left alone. Deepak’s parents were very worried about him.

One day one of Deepak’s class teachers, Mrs.Rajam, visited him and gifted him a set of chessboard and coins. She also taught him the basic rules of the game and asked Deepak to play a few games every day. Deepak soon found himself getting totally engrossed in the game and began to win all the games that he played with his neighbours. Realizing that he had some talent, Deepak’s parents decided to get him a coach who spent a few hours everyday teaching him the nuances of the game.

Deepak forgot all about his health condition and practiced hard everyday. His confidence levels went up as he slowly started winning prizes at all the local tournaments. He was soon his old cheerful self. In six months time Deepak participated in the State Level Championships and secured he second position and was selected to represent his State at the National Championships. It was a proud moment for Deepak who then realized that the accident had indeed been a Messing in disguise for him. For, if he had not been confined to a wheelchair, he would never have tried his hand at chess - thanks to his teacher, Mrs. Rajam.

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Every Cloud has a Silver Lining. :


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