He who Who Plays with fire Gets Burnt.

He who Who Plays with fire Gets Burnt.

Fire is a dangerous and powerful element that is to be dealt with cautiously. Anyone who tries to play with fire or take it lightly is to be burnt or injured by its intensity. Similarly in life too we must take proper precautions when we tackle dangerous situations.

We must be aware of our weakness and never try to be over-confident. And never underestimate the strength of the enemy.

Once there was a frog that always fancied itself to be a great singer and troubled everyone with his loud singing. No amount of advice from his fellow species would deter him from this activity which led to him making more enemies than friends.

His friends often wanted him that he would find himself in great trouble because of his arrogant attitude. The frog was foolish enough to think that he could get away with his mischief and would often proudly say. “I can jump into the pond and disappear instantly and escape from my enemies. So I will not stop singing."

There was an old owl living on a tree near the pond who was not keeping good health. Owls normally hunt during the night for food and sleep all day long. The frog’s singing disturbed the owl so much that he could not sleep and was very irritated. The owl requested, then pleaded and even begged the frog to keep quiet and allow him to sleep. But the frog rudely said. “I will do as I please." and sang even more loudly.

Just then the owl saw a vulture hovering over the tree. The loud croaking seemed to have alerted the vulture of the frog’s presence.

The owl called out to the frog. “Dear friend... you better watch out! There is a vulture ready to swoop down on you. You better get back to the safety of your pond."

The stupid frog thought that the owl was trying to stop it from singing and said, “Don’t think you can fool me by saying all this. I shall not believe you." As the frog continued singing with his eyes closed, the vulture swooped down and grabbed the frog and flew high up into the sky.

It is always better to listen to those who are more experienced than us. The frog did not realize the danger that was in store for it despite being warned by the owl and paid the price for it. The story clearly tells us that we must exercise caution while tackling dangerous situations.

He who Who Plays with fire Gets Burnt.


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