Helios The Greek Sun God

Helios The Greek Sun God :

Helios, the Greek sun god, was also known as Sol in Roman mythology. He was the father of Aeets and Circe. He was married to Perseis. He had two sisters, Selene, the goddess of the moon and Eos, the goddess of dawn. Ancient Greeks believed that everyday Helios drove a chariot pulled by four horses across the sky with a giant flaming ball in it. He rode with his sister Eos, the goddess of dawn. There are several different stories about how he got back to the East. One story says that he rode in a giant golden cup on the river Oceanus. In other stories he returned by boat. Helios fed his horses herbs on the Isle of the Blessed. When Zeus was dividing up the universe, Helios was either gone or forgotten so Zeus gave him the island of Rhodes where a giant statue of him stood. The statue was knocked down by a giant earthquake. Helios' journeys made him an all-seeing god and people often called upon him to witness their oaths. He is often confused with Apollo the god of light.

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Helios The Greek Sun God :

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