Magic of Flute

Magic of Flute :

Mohanpur was ruled by king Madho Singh. He had a daughter named Mohini whom he loved like his own life.

Once Mohini fell ill. The royal physician's treatment was failing to work. She had become so weak that she could not talk or eat. She would just lie like a skeleton. No one ever saw smile on her face. The king announced rewards for anyone who could get the smile back on the face of Mohini. It was said that the smile would begin the process of her recovery from the mysterious illness.

One day, soft flute music waves wafted into the palace. Then Mohini was sleeping. The tune was mesmerizing. The sound of the flute tune gradually rose filling the air with melody. Mohini opened her eyes and spoke after months, “Who's playing that?"

The news of Mohini speaking again brought king and queen to her chamber. They saw a faint smile on the face of Mohini. The king wanted the soldiers to bring the flute players to the palace. Mohini objected to it. She didn't want the music interrupted. All of them walked towards the direction music was coming from. Far away from the palace they found a boy sitting under a tree lost in playing on his flute. Some wild creatures were around him frozen in the trance of his music.

The sound of footsteps woke up the boy from his musical dream. He opened his eyes and found the king and soldiers around. He looked frightened. The flute fell off his hands.

The king said, “Don't panic boy. We are very pleased with you. Your flute music has cured our princess. Who are you? We want to reward you?

The boy said, "My name is Chandu. I am an orphan. I need some job and want to study."

The king brought Chandu to the palace. Everyday he played on his flute for the princess who regained her health fast. The king arranged tutors for Chandu who later became an advisor to the king after getting education.

Magic of Flute :

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