Small Thing

Small Thing :

A justice loving king ruled a country. He took great care of his subjects. His spies used to tell him about the condition of the people. Sometimes he went amongst the people in disguise to see and learn about the actual state. He did it during the nights.

Once on such mission, he found some robbers making plans to commit robbery. The presence of robbers in his kingdom annoyed him. He challenged the robbers. The robbers came at him. As the king was single handedly taking on the robbers, five young men happened to come there. They joined the battle when they saw a lone man being attacked by half a dozen robbers.

The dacoits were beaten back. The Young men didn't recognise the king. One of them said, “You had to tackle those robbers all alone. Sorry for that. Now let us escort you to where you live."

The king said, “No need for that. No one is alone in a country where brave young people like you live."

The king walked talking with them for some distance. He learnt the addresses of all the five young men. They came from different places. Then they dispersed. The king also slipped into his palace and went to bed.

The next day the youngmen were surprised to receive invitations to visit the royal court. Some of them were worried about it as no reason was cited.

They went to the court from where they were taken to the king's palace. The youngmen were surprised to discover that the lone fighter of the previous night was infact their king. All the youngmen paid obeisance to him.

King said, “ We are friends, Youngman. Come into my arms." The king embraced them one by one.

Then he said, ' Friends…’ Tell me one wish everyone of you. If it is possible, I will fulfill them. You can always come to me if you need anything anytime."

After some hesitation one of the youngmen said, 'Sir, I live in a broken down house, I will be glad if it gets repaired.'

The king ordered a new house to be built for him. Another youngman spoke, “Sir my family is very poor. I wish I could get some money to start a business.'

The king ordered treasurer to give the youngman a capital big enough to start a nice business.

The third one wished, "I am educated unemployed. Some job will be a great help to me."

The king got him a high post appointment. The fourth one was confused. He was thinking. The king encouraged him to demand something.

As last he stammered, “My village is 30 miles from here and the road is in bad shape. It never was good. Please build a good all-weather road."

The king ordered all roads leading to the youngman's village re-laid or built.

The fifth one spoke, "Sir…. I just want to make a request to you. But I don't know."

The king said, "Feel free, friend. Say what it is?"

"Sir! Be my guest for a day every year."

The four youngmen looked at their friend. They were surprised that he was asking such a strange thing. They thought that he had gone crazy.

The youngman's wish puzzled the king. But he was bound by his word to accept it.

They all went to their respective homes.

As king was to be the guest of the youngman, the state had to build a palatial house for him for the dignity and the comfort of the king. The youngman's family was shifted into it.

A lot of staff was appointed to work in that house for the proper stay of the king.

To maintain that living standard the youngman was to receive a regular purse from the treasury as a special grant.

For the royal travel of the king a wide highway was built to the youngman's village from the capital.

The youngman was given a high post in the court to give him dignity for playing host to the king.

As the date for the king to become his guest drew near, a new technical problem arose. A king could not became a guest of a stranger.

The prime minister suggested that the youngman was extremely intelligent The last problem could be solved by marrying the princess to him…he said. The king liked the idea. The king had become more and more impressed by the depth of the youngman’s smartness. The youngman was informed of the king's decision. He was elated.

Shortly after, the marriage took place. Now the king had no problem in going to his daughter’s house and being a guest. The youngman was now his son-in-law.

Though the clever youngman had appeared to have asked for a small thing yet he had got everything without asking.

Small Thing :

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Small Thing
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