Synonyms Exercises

Synonyms Exercises :


DIRECTIONS : Pick out the nearest correct meaning or synonym of the words given below.

91. SUPERFICIAL : (ANSWER : A - Superficial means something shallow, not deep intellectually or emotionally. Trivial is another synonym.)

(a) shallow (b) aged (c) unsually fine (d) proud

92. DISPARAGE : (ANSWER : B - Disparage means to express negative impression about something.Belittle is closest synonym. Disparagement is communication that belittles somebody or something. When you dispraise or derogate somebdoy, you are disparaging.)

(a) separate (b) belittle (c) compare (d) imitate

93. LUDICROUS : (ANSWER : B - Ludicrous is something which invites ridicule. Something absurd. Other synonyms are farcical, derisory, idiotic, laughable, nonsensical.)

(a) profitable (b) ridiculous (c) excessive (d) undesirable

94. INTREPID : (ANSWER : D - Those who are invulnerable to some kind of fear are intrepid. Other synonyms are brave, dauntless, unfearing, hardy.)

(a) moist (b) rude (c) tolerant (d) fearless

95. FILCH : (ANSWER : B - To filch means to steal. Pilfer is another synonym.)

(a) hide (b) steal (c) swindle (d) covet

96. URBANE : (ANSWER : C - Urbane means to show high degree of refinement such as polished behavior. Svelte is another synonym.)

(a) well-dressed (b) friendly (c) polished (d) prominent

97. DECANT : (ANSWER : B - To decant means to make a liquid flow out from a container.)

(a) bisect (b) pour off (c) speak widly (d) bequeath

98. ANTITHESIS : (ANSWER : D - Antithesis is something exactly opposite.)

(a) contract (b) examination (c) conclusion (d) opposite

99. HAVOC : (ANSWER : D - ruin)

(a) festival (b) sea battle (c) disease (d) ruin

100. REJUVENATE : (ANSWER : C - renew)

(a) reply (b) judge (c) renew (d) age

101. OBNOXIOUS : (ANSWER : C - Something causing disapproval or protest is obnoxious.)

(a) dreamy (b) daring (c) offensive (d) visible

102. VERBATIM : (ANSWER : A - Verbatim means precisely the same words used by a writer or speaker.)

(a) word for word (b) in secret (c) at will (d) in summary

103. ENTICE : (ANSWER : B - Entice means to provoke someone to do something through (often false or exaggerated) promises or persuasion. Other synonyms are lure, tempt.)

(a) inform (b) attract (c) observe (d) disobey

104. ACCLAIM : (ANSWER : D - To acclaim means to praise vociferously. Other synonyms are hail, herald, plaudit.)

(a) discharge (b) divide (c) excel (d) applaud

105. SOLILOQUY : (ANSWER : D - monologue)

(a) figure of speech (b) isolated position (c) historical incident (d) monologue

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