Test of Intelligence

Test of Intelligence:

There was a beautiful kingdom on the bank of river Port. Its name was Leegoland. Leegoland was ruled by a king named Ivanor who was famous for his wisdom.

One day, a man named Liza came to the court of Ivanov. He prayed, “Your Majesty! I come to your court to seek an employment. I will do any job. I am an educated Youngman."

The king said, “We can't employ you without testing you. Come tomorrow to my court. But remember you are not to bring any gift for us. But don't come empty handed without any present. The courtiers looked at the king puzzled.”

Liza bowed his head and departed saying, “As you wish.'

The next day, Liza showed up with a white pigeon in his hand. He bowed before the king and spoke, "Your Majesty! Here s my gift,” and extended the bird towards the king. As the king extended his hand. The pigeon flew off.

The king said, "You have passed the first test.”

Then, the king gave him a small piece of thread and demanded, “Take it and get me a cushion made out of it.”

Liza took the thread and went away saying, “As you wish.’

Courtiers giggled as they thought that Liza was an idiot.

But in the evening, Liza sent a straw to the king through one of the servants with a request. ‘Please get me a handloom made out of it by midnight. I will bring the cushion tomorrow.”

Liza had outwitted the king.

Next day the king sent to Liza some flower seeds and asked him to bring flowering plants grown out of the seeds the next day.

Liza sent two empty cardboard boxes through the same messenger with a request, "Your Majesty' I am a poor person. Please supply me some sunshine and rain in these boxes.'

The king, ministers and courtiers were very pleased with the cleverness of Liza. The minister asked the king to give a job to Liza.

But the king was determined to fox Liza. The king thought of putting Liza through one more intelligence-test before giving him a good job. He sent a message to Liza. 'The king wants you to come to the court tomorrow. But don’t come on foot or horse-back. And you shouldn't be wearing any clothes. Neither should you be naked.'

The courtiers were taken aback. Many thought that Liza would give up and go away during the night. Some of them thought that the king wanted to deny job to Liza for some reason.

But to the surprise of others, Liza came to the court next day. He had come on the back of a big turtle. And he had wrapped himself nicely with fisherman’s net.

Liza paid obeisance to the king.

The king admitted, ' Liza' You are intelligent indeed. Your wit has surprised everyone here. Well, I appoint you my personal advisor in the rank of a minister from this moment.’

All the people hailed wise Liza and admired his intelligence.

Test of Intelligence :

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