Ugly Frog

Ugly Frog :

The kingdom of Balsora was very rich. It had no shortage of anything. The king had a cute daughter named Ginny. She had black wavy hair, thick eyelashes doe eyes and marble like smooth and fair skin.

Several princes had tried to seek the hand of the princess. But Ginny pooh-poohed every one of them. She saw defects in them.

Ginny's father used to give her some gift or the other on her birthday. The gift she liked most was the golden ball studded with diamonds.

In her spare time, she used to play with that ball in the garden of the palace.

One day Ginny was playing the game of tossing that ball. The rays of sun flashed off the ball like brilliant fire works. It delighted Ginny.

Suddenly after a toss, the ball rolled off into the garden pool. It danced on a lily leaf and then sank down. Ginny looked in shock.

Ginny became very sad. She hopelessly put her hand in the water and groped around. She was far away from the ball. She saw an ugly frog sitting on a big leaf.

Ginny was in tears. Suddenly the frog spoke in human voice. “I can get your ball on one condition.'

The princess Ginny was going crazy for the ball. She said without thinking, “I will agree to whatever you want. Just get me my ball master."

The frog said, “Don't rush. Hear my condition. I am tired of this pond. If I get you your ball then I will eat food with you in your golden."

Ginny cried, ‘Done! Get the ball."

But I have two more conditions.

“I will drink from your silver glass and l will sleep in your velvet bed. If you accept then I will recover your ball," the frog spoke.

Ginny was so crazed up for her golden ball that she did not pay attention carefully to what the frog was saying. When the frog repeated his conditions, Ginny frowned. But she thought that a promise given to a silly frog didn’t matter. She accepted the conditions and the frog brought out her ball.

Ginny took the ball and walked away without even thanking the poor frog. Inside the palace she hid the ball in her chamber and sat down with her parents to eat.

Royal band was playing slow music and the royal feast was on. There were many distinguished guests. Ginny sat between the king and the queen and began eating from gold and silver ware. Lines of royal waiters stood behind them.

Suddenly there was a thump-thump sound at the door of the dining hall. All the diners looked towards the door. The King asked the valet to see what it was.

It was the same frog. It said to the valet, 'Princess Ginny had promised me to have meals with me. So, I have come to dine with her," The valet was shocked.

He informed Ginny about it. Ginny screamed in anger. ‘No…’ I don't know any silly frog. Shut the door."

Before the valet could depart, the king of Balsora the father of Ginny said, ‘Ginny darling… Remember carefully if you promised such a thing to any frog, we royal people don't break a promise even at the cost of our life."

The king’s words scared Ginny. All the eyes were on her. An embarrassed Ginny asked the valet to invite the frog in.

The frog came in hop-hop-hop and announced, ‘Ginny! I will sit with you."

Ginny turned red and made room on her chair for the frog. The frog reminded her, "You had promised me to let me eat in your plate. Help me near your golden plate on the table.'

Ginny was getting enraged. But she controlled herself when she found her father looking sternly at her. She picked up the frog and placed it by the side of her plate. As the frog starting eating she wiped off her hands in disgust. The ugly frog was just revolting to her.

When Ginny drank from her silver glass the frog said, “Ginny dear….I also want to drink from your glass. I'm thirsty.’

Ginny clutched the glass and looked hatefully at the frog.

The frog croaked, ‘Don't lose your temper. Ginny. You had promised to let me drink from your silver tumbler." Ginny gingerly gave her tumbler to the frog.

She didn't at all like a frog calling her by her maiden name. She made a face. The frog spoke again, ‘I hope you remember your third promise. I fell sleepy. Put me in your velvet bed.’

Ginny exploded, ‘No’ Never…"

But the king cajoled his daughter, “Darling….Think before giving a promise to anyone The promise should be kept once it is given."

The frog, hop-hopped behind Ginny as she went upstairs to her bedroom. Midway, the frog hung its tongue out and huffed, ‘I am tired. Carry me Ginny.’

She picked up the frog with disgust and fumed. Up there she tossed the frog in an empty cabin. She went to her sleeping chamber after closing the door shut. She felt greatly relieved and fell asleep.

But shortly later, she heard a knock at her door and a croaking sound. Ginny was scared that the noise might attract her father. So, she opened the door at once. The frog was there as she feared. She asked it to sleep on the carpet."

But the frog croaked in protest.

It complained, "Why should I sleep on the carpet. You promised me to let me sleep in your bed. Get me in your bed.'

‘Promise' Promise' Promise’ Ginny hissed. In a fit of anger she picked up the frog and threw it out of the window. A miracle happened. As the frog hit the grounds it turned into a cloud of smoke and then, into a prince. The handsome prince stood there in his shining armour. Ginny watched it wide eyed. She asked, “Who are you? I want to meet you.’ The prince signaled her to come down to him.

Ginny ran downstairs with her heart beating fast. She asked about what was going on. The prince revealed, “Princess… I was a prince who loved beautiful things like you do. Once, on a hunting trip I met an ugly fairy. I laughed at her. The ugly fairy put a curse on me and turned me into an ugly creature, frog. Then, I realised my mistake and begged for forgiveness. She took pity on me and said that I would regain my real form when a beautiful princess would toss me down in anger."

That's why I put those crazy conditions on you to make you angry and got tossed down. And here I am, the prince of Bagdad, Mobarak. Ginny took prince Mobarak into the palace and introduced him to her parents.

Prince Mobarak and Ginny were married in a grand ceremony.

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