Why You Should Care About The Admission Essay

Why You Should Care About The Admission Essay… :

Why You Should Care About The Admission Essay…

The ancient Chinese general Sun Tzu once wrote, “To know your enemy is to defeat your enemy.” Good advice. And while the essay is not your enemy - although at times you may feel that it is - the principle is still the same. Understand what you’re up against. So before we jump into the strategies used to write a successful essay, let’s be sure that you understand exactly what the essay is and why you should care about it.

If you’ve looked at a college application, you’ve probably seen the section titled PERSONAL STATEMENT. This is just a fancy way of saying essay. Most colleges require one PERSONAL STATEMENT of about 500 to 1,000 words and many also ask for one to three additional shorter essays.

Colleges value essays because they allow them to gain insight into whom you are beyond the facts and figures of the application form. For you, this is the opportunity to present your most important strengths, especially those that may not be reflected elsewhere in your application. And it can and does happen that students on the academic borderline cross into the college promised land because of the power of their essays!

Your RESUME speaks about your academic side. The admission essays are the best opportunity for the students to present their best side of personality. What are your interests? What are your ambitions in your career? What are your strengths? How these points got developed? What are your motivations? What are the plans you have to attain your goal? How did you come to know of this particular college / university? What are your values? How do you treat them as values? These are the questions you have to address in your admission essays. The answers to these questions could not be presented in your resume. Your resume is the place where only your academic records will be discussed in details…Whereas the essays would give you the best opportunity to share your response to the above stated question in details at the same time in concise formats.

By understanding the components of the essay and how to approach each of them, you will have the background information needed to tackle them. There is something to be learned from a 2,000-year-old general after all. The old is to be followed because it has its own values and methodology.

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Why You Should Care About The Admission Essay :

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