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Today's Word : Dexterity
August 04, 2007

Word for 4th August 2007: A Word A Day : Dexterity


( Noun )

Dexterity : (dek-ster'i-te)

1. Skill and grace in physical movement, especially in the use of the hands

2. Adroitness

3. Mental skill

4. The quality or state of being mentally agile

5. Ability to manipulate fine objects with the hands


French dext�rit�, from Latin dexterit�s, from dexter, skillful.This word derives from the Latin dexter, meaning �on the right�

Contextual Examples:

� It is a charming faculty, but one often abused by those who are conscious of its possession: for there is something ghoulish in the avidity with which they will pounce upon the misfortune of their friends so that they may exercise their dexterity.

� Halting for an instant at the foot of the ladder, and with both hands grasping the ornamental knobs of the man-ropes, Father Mapple cast a look upwards, and then with a truly sailorlike but still reverential dexterity, hand over hand, mounted the steps as if ascending the main-top of his vessel.


1. Adroitness

2. Deftness

3. Dexterousness

4. Prowess

5. Skill

6. Sleight

7. Ability

8. Agileness

9. Agility

10. Nimbleness

11. Quickness

12. Aptitude


1. Awkwardness

2. Clumsiness

3. Inability

4. Ineptness

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Dexterous: Adjective

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