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Word for 3rd August 2007: A Word A Day-Encomium


( Noun )

Encomium : (en-ko'me-um)

1. Warm, glowing praise

2. A formal expression of praise

3. A tribute

4. Originally denoting a Greek choral song in praise of a victorious athlete

5. A composition in prose or verse written in praise of some person, event or idea

6. An expression of warm approval


Latin encōmium, from Greek enkōmion (epos), (speech) praising a victor, neuter of enkōmios, of the victory procession

Contextual Examples:

• For his last book on Nepal, Nicson received encomiums from literary critics.

• Her lyrical memoir was full of encomiums to her mentor.

• The concert was a musical encomiums to the early jazz masters

• Many students from all over India earned a citation and encomiums for bravery

• This part of the existing hymn ends with an encomium of the Delian festival of Apollo and of the Delian choirs.

• When he had enumerated the many different occasions on which the Hurons had exhibited their courage and prowess, in the punishment of insults, he digressed in a high encomium on the virtue of wisdom.


1. Acclaim

2. Acclamation

3. Applause

4. Celebration

5. Commendation

6. Compliment

7. Eulogy

8. Kudos

9. Laudation

10. Panegyric

11. Plaudit

12. Praise

13. Praise


1. Blame

2. Accusation

3. Allegation

4. Chiding

Related Words:

Encomiums:Noun (Plural of Encomium)

Encomia:Noun (Plural of Encomium)

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