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May 31, 2008

Friday, 30th May 2008 : Today's Word is ...


( Noun )

Pronunciation : a-pro-bree-am


1. Disgrace arising from exceedingly shameful conduct

2. Scornful reproach or contempt

3. A cause of shame or disgrace


Mid-17th century - Latin - infamy, reproach - opprobare - to reproach - probrum - disgrace


bad name, bad odor, discredit, disgrace, dishonor, disrepute, humiliation, ignominy, ill repute, obloquy, odium, shame, vilification, abuse, contempt, disdain, infamy, odium, offense, reproach, scorn, scurrility


honor, praise

Contextual Examples:

� A bed mattress is unwieldy to move from one room to another.

� Being both dramatic author and dramatic performer, he found himself heir to a twofold opprobrium.

� Let me add that it is the great desideratum by which this form of government can be rescued from the opprobrium under which it has so long labored, and be recommended to the esteem and adoption of mankind.

� If an ill appointment should be made, the Executive for nominating, and the Senate for approving, would participate, though in different degrees, in the opprobrium and disgrace.

Related Words:

opprobrious : Adjective

opprobria : Noun - Plural

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