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Today's Word : Palpitate
August 16, 2007

Thursday, 16th August 2007 : Today's Word is...


( Verb )

Pronunciation : (pal'pi-tat')

1. To move with a slight tremulous motion

2. To beat with excessive rapidity

3. To make rhythmic contractions, sounds or movements

4. To beat at a rapid pace, like heart


Latin palpit�re, palpit�t-, frequentative of palp�re, to touch gently


1. Tremble

2. Quiver

3. Shake

4. Throb

5. Pulse

6. Beat

7. Pulsate

8. Pound

9. Flutter

10. Agitate


1. Be still

2. Silence

3. Pleasant sounds

4. Neutral sounds

Contextual Example:

� The little school world of Wareham palpitates with excitement when it sees the senior and the junior editors of The Pilot walking together

� Her violent feelings palpitated the young woman's heart.

� Did you feel your heart palpitate before going on stage?

Related Word:

Palpitation : Noun

Palpable : Adjective

palpitant : Adjective

Palpitatingly : Adverb

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