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February 25, 2008

Tuesday, 26th February 2008 : Today's Word is ...


( Adjective )

Pronunciation : ωnneb-trossiv


1. Not undesirably noticeable or blatant

2. Keeping a low profile

3. Inconspicuous


1533, from Latin obstructionem (nom. obstructio) "a building up," from obstructus, pp. of obstruere "block up, build up, hinder," from ob "against" + struere "to pile, build"


inconspicuous, obscure, unconspicuous, unnoticeable, unremarkable, modest, bland, discreet, understated, self-effacing, shy, low-profile, unassuming, quiet

• Quiet is free of noise or uproar or making little if any sound.

• Quite means to the greatest extent or actually, really, or truly.


conspicuous, flaunting, noticeable, obtrusive

Contextual Examples:

• She saw only that he was quiet and unobtrusive and she liked him for it.

• It made him nervous to feel himself an intruder; but he had learned to hide his feelings, and they found him quiet and unobtrusive.

• They liked to sit a while in his unobtrusive company, practising for solitude and sobering their minds in the man's rich silence.

Related Words:

• obtrusiveness : Noun

• unobtrusiveness : Noun

• unobtrusively : Adverb

• obtrusive : Adverb

• obtrusion : Noun

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