24 Old English Words

24 Old English Words :

1. Bedward = heading for bed

2. Billingsgate = abusive language and curse words

3. Brabble = to argue loudly about matters of no importance

4. Crapulous = condition of feeling ill as a result of too much eating / drinking

5. Elflock = hair that is tangled, as if it has been matted by elves

6. Erstwhile = things that are not current and that belong to a former time rather like the word itself

7. Expergefactor = something that wakes you up is an expergefactor.

8. Fudgel = the act of giving the impression you are working when really you are doing nothing.

9. Groke = to stare intently at someone who is eating, in the hope that they will give you some

10. Grubble = to feel or grope around for something that you can’t see

11. Hugger-mugger = a fun way to describe secretive or covert behavior

12. Hum durgeon = an imaginary illness

13. Jargogle = to confuse or jumble

14. Lanspresado = a person who arrives somewhere, having conveniently forgotten their wallet or having some other complicated story to explain why they don’t have money with them

15. Mumpsimus = an incorrect view on something that a person refuses to let go of

16. Quagswag = to shake something backwards and forwards

17. Rawgabbit = a person who likes to gossip confidentially about matters that they know nothing about

18. Snollygoster = a person who has intelligence but no principles

19. Snottor = wise

20. Trumpery = Things that look good but are basically worthless

21. Uhtceare = lying awake worrying before dawn

22. Ultracrepidarian = a person who takes every opportunity to share their opinion about things they know nothing about

23. Zwodder = Being in a drowsy, fuzzy state, after a big night out perhaps

24. Cockalorum = A small man with a big opinion of himself

24 Old English Words :

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