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A Flyer :

Whereas posters are made to be mounted on a wall somewhere and have some durability, flyers are made to be passed out, read and thrown away. You might print posters to put up a month in advance of a campus event. Flyers would be distributed in the two or three days just before the event. Flyers can also include more information than posters because readers will pick them up and read them rather than view them from a distance. Keep the text and the design of your flyer simple, but be sure you answer the important questions: Who? What? Where? When? Why? (Or For what purpose?).

Some Suggestions :

• Make sure to have some kind of heading at the top that tells readers what the flyer is about.

• Consider putting the most important information in the largest print.

• Position the main announcement close to the top of the page.

• Present information in chunks or lists.

• Avoid paragraphs of text just as you would when writing for the Web. You’re writing for readers who will browse and scan.

• Leave plenty of white space.

• Do not crowd your text.

• Include necessary contact information (phone numbers, email or Web site addresses) so that people who want more information can find it easily.

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