A Proverbial Conversation

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A Proverbial Conversation :

As Love and I late harbour'd in one inn,

With proverbs thus each other entestain :

"In love there is no back': thus I begin :

''Fair words make fools," replieth he again :

"Who spares to speak doth spare to speed," quoth I :

“As well," said he, "too forward as too slow" :

''Fortune assists the boldest," I reply :

“A hasty man," quoth he, ''ne'er wanted woe":

''Labour is light where I love", quoth I, "doth pay":

Saith he, "Light burden's heavy, if farborne":

Quoth I, The main lost. Cast the by away":

"Y' have spun a fair thread", he replies in scorn.

And having thus a while each other thwarted

Fools as we met, so fools again we parted.

By Michael Drayton : Proverbs

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